Hindsight is 2020

Still They Persist: Hindsight is 2020
Maria Seda-Reeder

Still They Persist: Hindsight is 2020 is a critical lens through which we may look at the progress (or lack thereof) that the United States of America has seen over the course of the past four years.

This ever-evolving living archive features more than 300 unique objects of resistance, which were worn, carried, and made for activation in the streets: still our most democratic and accessible of all public forums.

Featuring objects used in protests marches throughout the country since 2017, and traveling to various locations and sites, this exhibition of ephemeral materials aims to allow folks who have assembled, protested, and fought for a return of "light" and fairness to be reminded that their actions have an impact and that their words have a ripple affect on the world at large.

As a passion project created by four otherwise busy arts professionals this is how the FemFour and our allies continue our work: by leveraging the skills we have to keep the hope that artists create in the world circulating within the public consciousness.

Exhibition sites such as The Dorothy W. and C. Lawson Reed, Jr. Gallery at DAAP, which are open free to the public and contextualized within an educational institution, are an ideal setting for this collection as it reaches an audience already primed for critical thought and edification.

The future of this country and what this precarious moment in history holds for us remains to be seen. But what this collection clearly demonstrates is that the power of the collective galvanizing against tyranny continues to hold the potential for radical political change.