The Fem Four in New York City

The FemFour would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for their generous support of our project. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The Vance Waddell Family
Jennie Rosenthal
Kari and David Ellis
Jeff and Tina Waddell
Lauren Hannan Shafer
Betsy, Amy, Justine and Ava Neyer
Phillip J. Nuxhall
Mu Sinclaire and the Sinclaire Family Foundation
Carol Sanger
Beth Rauh and Lisa Campbell
Rick Pescovitz and Kelly Mahan
Helen Stambler Neuberger and Jim Neuberger
Molly F. Prues
Helio Fred Garcia and Laurel Garcia Colvin
Jane Frances Fisher
Barbara Homlar
Ron and David Houck Nebel
Dr. Arthur Pancioli and Dr. Lisa Larkin
Debbie Sebastian
Rachel Roberts
Michael Stillion
Bombshells of Cincinnati
Herbert Robinson and Barbara Sferra
Donna S. Collins
Susan Berliant
Maria Kalomenidou
M. Katherine Hurley & Jens Rosenkrantz Jr.
Tamara White
Anu & Shekhar Mitra
Nirvani Head
Game Day Communications