We Make America

We Make America

We Make America is an artist/activist collective that creates thought-provoking objects, images, and actions. We strive to inspire and empower people to be critical thinkers and to engage as active participants in democracy. WE THE PEOPLE make America.

This FB group is used to exchange images and ideas that lead to the creation of visuals for marches, actions, and other projects. The group is staying updated on political articles through other channels. Thank you for honoring the purpose of this page. #WeMakeAmerica


We are a diverse group of people who want to contribute to civil society, to advocate for social justice, human rights, and the rights of the disenfranchised. We believe there is a vital need to address the erosion of democracy. At the core of our political actions are powerful visual statements that raise awareness about issues and liberties that are in jeopardy.

We welcome artists, graphic designers, architects, filmmakers, writers, technology experts, and makers of all kinds. We are self-starters who are pooling our skills and working together to ensure that our voices are heard. We encourage growth and change within our operating vision.

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