Tom Klein

Tom Klein

Working mostly in portraiture, Tom fuses traditional formats and motifs with modern modes of representation. His works reflect a very special aesthetics and a style completely his own. His seductively moody celebrations of portraits are notable for their graphic sense and brilliant color. He uses his modest-scale, jewel-like paintings, to explore the relationship between outward form and inner spirit, to express the ‚subjects’ needs, feelings and yearnings and to display the likeness and the personality or their emotions; ‚You have to listen to people, be open, try to look behind their facades if you want to be able to reflect the portrayed person in the painting. There is so much more behind a person’s appearance’, he claims. Some of his paintings now hang in private collections in México City, Bogotá, Malaysia, Shanghai, Beijing, Hamburg and Berlin. Less


After an extensive career in creativity and advertising, Tom has focused his soul entirely into art - his deepest lifelong passion.

Coming from a graphic design background (...he worked many years as an art director/ creative director in different advertising agencies in Germany and Argentina, such as BBDO, TBWA, DDB), he explores the idea of graphic work with an added unique painterly quality.

Tom spent much time in the USA and lived in Germany, Argentina and México. Beginning of 2017 he moved to Shanghai.

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